An event to celebrate our common and continuing European heritage by bringing biscuits from our countries of origin to the community centre and eating them together.

'Our local string trio will be performing the Ode to Joy at 10.10AM, prompt, so don't be late. Furthermore, we have decided to expand the event to include 'WOFEL', the West Oxford Festival of European literature. As well as biscuits, please bring a copy of a work drawn from the literature of your linguistic hinterland and we will display them all together on a special table.

Need the Biscuits be home-made?
No, shop biscuits are perfectly acceptable.

I don't really approve of biscuits - may I bring something else?
Please bring a healthy snack.

I can't get hold of a biscuit from my country of origin?
Any biscuit can represent your country, it being the thought that counts.

I have a friend from, say, Hungary who likes the idea but can't come?
Please bring along his/her biscuits on his/her behalf.

I was born in Britain, but my mother and father were, say, Austrian: may I come as Austria?
Yes, please.

I would like to participate in the musical/open Mic part?
Please contact Tony Talbot on 07800813307 / [email protected]

This all a bit 'Remoaner', isn't it?
Not really. Brexit doesn't change the enduring fact that Europeans are valued members of the West Oxonian community.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected] and we will attempt to answer them.
It would fun to have a biscuit from every EU country. As of the time of writing, we have 23 out of 28 covered, but would be delighted to hear from anyone from Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg or Slovenia.

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