What we are looking for:

We are looking for groups and organisations to participate in an exciting new project in Oxford called ‘Project Vear.’ The idea behind the project is to capture the ‘essence of Oxford’s Voice'

 A team of us will visit West Oxford Community Centre and get people to contribute vocal sounds so that we can distil them alongside thousands of other voices from people from across the city. These collective voices will then become part of a Voice Park at Oxford Castle and Prison on the 16th and 17th November which will be open to the public. The event is part of Oxford's Christmas Light Festival.
We will visit WOCC at 10am on Friday 9th November.
What does it involve:

The activity involves speaking into the VEARA (Voice Extraction And Rediffussion Apparatus). We will be asking people to contribute the phonetic sounds that make up words.
The apparatus creates a small cloud of vocal vapour which people project their voice into. This is then sucked into the back backpack and pumped into a keg, or 'Voice Vessel', which is then detached, capped, labelled and handed to the person so they can 'Hold their own voice'
All the voices we collect will be fed into the final installation Voice Park where people are given chance to play with the voice of their city & discover the distilled ‘Essence De Voix’
By contributing you will:

- Have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see, feel, hug your own voice

- Contribute your voice to Voice Park

- Become part of the great experiment to see what the collective voice of Oxford could sound like

- Have your voices distilled alongside thousands of other people from across the city into ‘Essence De Voix’*
The project is Inspired by Aristotle’s definition of voice as ‘sound which has soul’, Project VEAR aims to harvest and re-diffuse the ‘essence of Oxford’s voice’.

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